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Website Issues



I have a number of problems since I signed up for a SmartHub6 back in April, after my 8 year old hub3 fused and needed replacement.


However, the website is insisting on saying i have no open faults.   Although occasionally these never open faults suddenly appear as closed, so I wasn't imagining them.    At the moment my home page has 2 alerts on it, one of which is a current open fault number.     However, when i click on 'View the fault' it tkes me back to the track faults page, which is admant i have nothing open.



Anyone else experienced this ?


On a related point, one of our chat friends finally accepted the fact - after being reminded 4 times - that i could not see the fault that had just been logged.   He informed me this was because my correct account number was different from the one I had just quoted to him.    He indicated that secrecy rules meant that he could not tell me the account over the phone, but needed to send me a letter.     Today the account number letter showed up, with the leading digits carefully asterisked out - no doubt for these security reasons.     However the final 4 digits that were left visible showed an uncanny resemblance to the account i had quoted him.   Laugh, I nearly cried.

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Re: Website Issues

Hey @bathsheba,


Did you raise these faults or did they randomly appear?


Let me know, I'd like to find out what's going on.





Community ModeratorDannyS
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Re: Website Issues

Hi DanielS,


Thank you for the response. 


Just to be clear - the point of this particular thread is only about the mybt website and * not * about my recurring connection problems.   For now, I want to focus on the website.


The background to this is I have a recurring problem - where a few weeks good usage is followed by a cluster of days where I have multiple dropouts and reconnections - perhaps 15 over the course of an evening.   Rinse and repeat.


When following up with online chat - or through the phone - to report the fault, a number of faults have been logged over the past months.   In some cases, the agent followed up with an email of the transcript of the chat, so there is some evidence.     So there were a number of genuine faults - so not random.


The point is - these open faults do not appear on my fault tracker page in    So I cannot examine them and see what the status is of the current problem.    Occasionally they show up on this page later, when they have been closed.

But the webpage reports that I have no open faults - even when I have just clicked on an alert on the homepage to see details of a fault.



On a secondary point, it is a long time since I raised a fault myself.   I am sure i did it in the past, but recently I have been unable to do so.     The website seems to corrall me away from actually reporting a fault, and directs me to the troubleshooting routines, or to use online chat.     If there is a way I can raise a fault myself, I would be glad to know of it.








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Re: Website Issues

I'm not highjacking threadSmiley Wink

I can confirm the type of issues you mention.

I have just ignored mine, can't be askedSmiley Indifferent


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