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Weirdly slow download

For a bit of background we have recently upgraded our internet to faster speed from 180mbps to 900mbps and over Ethernet directly from the router I get 925DL and 128UL from 180DL and 20UL. 

My issue is that I am using BT mini connectors to have a wired connection for my PC but the speed I am getting is pretty bad relative to what I'm paying for (I have a set of TP Link ones that have exactly the same issue so it's not an issue with the connectors themselves).  My speed drops to 73DL and 120UL.  Now when I was on 180DL and 20UL I used to get around 80DL and 20UL from these plugs and just accepted it.  But seeing as my internet is now much faster and my upload has gone up by a factor of 6 and my download has actually gone down I am a little bit confused as to why.

I have tested this on a desktop and a laptop and the best speed I could get out of them was around 150DL and 120UL which was on the next wall socket over from the one the router is connected into.  So my question is is there a setting on the router or the PC/laptop that I have missed somewhere that is causing the download speed to throttle that much?  I understand that it could just be bad wiring in the house (although the wiring is only 4 years old at most) but if it was bad wiring then why has my upload speed increased by a factor of 6 when my download speed has gone down?

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