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Whatsapp via wi-fi not sending messages

ok so I've had this issue for a while thinking it was my iphone 4 just being temperamental,

But I have recently upgraded to the iphone 5 and this trouble has persisted this means the issue must be with the wifi as I have checked both iphones just using 3g and I have no issue sending messages

I have tried the iphone 5 with static ip and dhcp addresses and still no luck this issue is intermittent an the messages will send after an app restart, could it be a port problem? Any other ideas?

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Re: Whatsapp via wi-fi not sending messages

Hi, i think im having the same problem.


Things i have tried, iphone4, iphone4s, iphone 5, reinstalled whatsapp.

all work fine over 3g connections.

when connected to bt infinity over wifi they sometimes fail to recieve/send messages. even though it says connected in whatsapp.

I have tried different wireless routers, and different routers in place of the bt home hub. all have the same issue, the only common thing i can see is that it is using a BT connection, good to see im not the only one.


Its like after a while it seems to lose connection even when it thinks its connected, force closing the app and opening sometimes works, its just strange that i only have this problem when using bt wifi, over any other wifi connections and 3g is perfectly fine

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Re: Whatsapp via wi-fi not sending messages

I have the same problem with my Lumia 735 Windows phone. All was fine until an upgrade of something (could have been Whatsapp or W8.1). But now when connected to HH by WiFi, Whatsapp is mostly offline. It randomly goes online and sometimes I can force it to be online by toggling flight mode or switching off and on. This makes Whatsapp conversation very difficult.
I have no problem at all when connected to other WiFi or via 3G/4G.
Can anybody help please?
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Re: Whatsapp via wi-fi not sending messages

None of you have stated what Homehub you are using. If it is the Homehub 4 or 5 some devices have a problem with the Homehub dual band having the same SSid (name). Try giving the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies different SSids. Just add a 5 to the end of the 5Ghz SSid so you know which is which. Check the 5 GHz Sync with 2.4 GHz: is set to NO.

Once you have done that "forget" the connection on your device and then restart the device and log onto both the SSids if the device can use both frequencies. Not all devices can use 5GHz.


You will need to log on any other devices that you have that can use both frequencies so that they can also use both. 

See this link