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Whole Home v1 - Loss of saved config


I've owned a two-disc Whole Home installation since 2017 - these are the hardware version "01" models and are currently running firmware v1.02.12 build02.

Throughout my ownership I've defined personal settings for the network SSID, device groups and accompanying access time controls. 

These settings are lost every time I've had cause to restart the discs, whether via the Whole Home app or through power cycling the devices. Each time I've effectively had to setup the devices again from scratch with all of my preferred settings.

This last happened over the weekend and on this occasion I only updated the SSID and network password. Now the Whole Home app is presenting the initial "how many discs do you have" screen, even though my devices are connected to the configured mesh Wi-Fi network and through checking the config via http://mybtdevice.home/ everyting looks in order.

The loss of config is the bigger headache as I suspect if I go through the app setup wizard again it'll work correctly.


Any ideas?




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