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Whole home WiFi package

I just spoke to someone in BTs value team. I was asking about whole home WiFi. They gave me a quote including the WiFi discs. It sounded expensive so I said I would just buy the discs myself. She said that I would still have to pay the same amount to be able to use them. 

That's got to be wrong surely? This would mean that I could buy non-BT mesh equipment and connect it to my BT hub and not pay any extra. Or I could switch WiFi to another provider and use the BT mesh equipment and not pay any extra. But to use BT mesh equipment with my BT router j have to pay a premium. 


Can anyone advise?

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Distinguished Sage
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Re: Whole home WiFi package


There are two types of disks and systems.

The Whole Home disks which are white, and are marketed as a retail produce for anyone to purchase, and have no ongoing costs.

They can be used with any router or ISP, and you do not have to pay to use them.

The other system, which I think you are getting confused with, is the BT Complete Wifi disks which are black and can also be purchased, but are normally "rented" as part of a package.

They were the ones the BT Value Team would be referring to.


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