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Wi Fi Extender

I live in a first floor flat with FTTP and as requested by BT I have just installed a BT Smart Hub 2 to replace my Home Hub 6 in order to get Digital Voice.

My Smart TV set up was successful.

My 2 laptops set up was successful.


However I am having problems connecting to my Ring Peephole Doorbell which is located downstairs.

It simply won't work now, hardly any connection at all.

Upstairs in my living room I am getting 50mbps

Testing downstairs on a smart phone speed test next to the Ring I am getting less than 1mbps.

I have read online that the Smart Hub 2 has less strength/distance capability than the Home Hub 6 thus I am considering buying the BT Wi-Fi Extender 300 and siting it in my bedroom which is above the front door.


Can you tell me if this would be suitable remedy?

Are there any other solutions?


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Wi Fi Extender

First of all make sure you have turned off Smart Setup on the smart hub 2. Secondly see what wifi channels the Hub6 was using and set the SH2 to those channels. Thirdly, I believe Ring device seem to have a problem with both bands having the same SSID, so temporarily turn off the 5Ghz wireless until the Ring doorbell has connected and then turn the 5Ghz wifi back on.

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