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Wi-Fi Not working on Macbook

Whenever I connect to the BT-wifi at home , I noticed that all apps and safari stop working. However, Google chrome works , but other apps like office, microsoft teams  , Outlook aren't working. 

The only way I can get all apps working is to delete the network plist  files and connect to a different network .

I will like to know if BT wifi has issue with Macbook Pro MacOS Monterey version 12.5.1  year 2020, because I tried with other version of Macbook and windows devices and everything works fine. 

Kindly assist with this  

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Re: Wi-Fi Not working on Macbook

Are you referring to the product BTWifi or is it your own home broadband wifi connection?

If it is your home broadband wifi that you want to connect to you need to connect to the wireless network which has the SSid Name) that is on the label on your BT hub and use the password that is on the label

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Re: Wi-Fi Not working on Macbook

I can connect to my home broad band, the issue is that the macbook connect to the Internet but only Google chrome can access the Web. Safari and all other apps like office and Microsoft Teams doesn't work as it keeps saying there is no Internet access. If I connect to another network, it works but I have to delete some files (PLIST) from system configuration 

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