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Wi-Fi connection constantly unstable

Hi everyone,


I've been experiencing this problem for awhile now and have contacted BT about it but nothing has really happen much. This has been occurring over the last 4 months where anything connected via Wi-Fi is really slow. Wire connection is fine and I've not had any issues with it. I was advised to try different channels set on my router to which I tried all of them and the issue still occurred (was fine on automatic previously). Wi-Fi has been fine for years but has only started playing up over the past 4 months and nothing has changed so I can't see it being an interference issue. I have the home hub 3 and a modem. I have been restarting my router overtime I have an issue which doesn't help. I'm thinking about getting one of the new BT home hubs as it's looking to me being a fault with the router but I'm hoping someone can give me some other options to try.




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Re: Wi-Fi connection constantly unstable

Try resetting the home hub to factory default, and see if it helps.

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