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WiFi disks and Linux

I'm using a Smart Hub 2 and one WiFi disk.  In Win10 it works just great but on my laptop I also run Puppy Linux off a flash drive and want to get that working on WiFi, which it did just fine when I was with VM.  However after spending hours trying to get the Puppy system to connect, on the odd time it did connect it dropped the connection almost straight away.  The clue to what may be wrong was that each time I pulled up the available wireless networks the list would change, sometimes not showing my Hub SSID at all, just others.  Seems it was seeing both the Hub signal and the WiFi disk signal and was unable to just focus on one.  I guess it's a driver issue and I've temporarily switched the disk off.  That has solved the problem but only at the expense of weakening the WiFi coverage.

Is there a way temporarily to disable the disk through the Hub?

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