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WiFi in new build home slow on certain devices

We've got FTTP with BT, we upgraded in January as we'd been having issues since both working from home and were told this would fix the issue. The issue we have is that our work computers and PlayStation both get incredibly slow speeds from the router. However, devices like iPads/mobiles get the speed that we are paying for. Even if we disconnect the mobile devices/iPads the computers and PlayStation still don't receive the speeds we would expect. 

When BT have checked the line apparently the router is reaching the speeds we are paying for, but that doesn't explain why only certain devices get that speed. We don't need boosters throughout the house, we have paid out for the BT discs at ridiculous prices but still doesn't make any difference.

Does anybody have any idea how to solve this as it can make our jobs incredibly challenging throughout the day?

Thanks in advance!

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