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WiFi signal strength

Have Full Fibre, but suffering poor 2.4Ghz WiFi signa4l strength. Right next to hub the best either of our phones shows is a 'Good' signal which rapidly gets worse as you walk away. In a small bungalow cannot reliably use broadband anywhere apart from kitchen where the disc is. BT's answer is to send another disc! I actually get a better signal from one of my neighbours sky circuit, unfortunately do not know the password. Any ideas?



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Re: WiFi signal strength

You refer to the signal from the disc, but make no reference to the router. Where is the router compared to the disc and how are the two linked?

Do you get a good signal when close to the router (assume it is an SH2).

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Re: WiFi signal strength

I Use Hub and Router almost interchangeably. Talking about the piece of equipment the 'outside line' connects to,  what BT call the Hub. It is the latest Full Fibre version a 2.

Since posting the second disc arrived. Installed it next to the hub and now have excellent or good signal all over the bungalow. Surely it should not be necessary to use it this way, but it works.  Will only need the original disc to give me a signal from the kitchen in the garden in summer, turned off now.

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Re: WiFi signal strength

did you try changing the 2.4ghz wifi channel from smart/auto to a manually selected channel?

if  you have SKYQ then select another channel to 36 say 48 as 36 is used by SKYQ

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