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Wifi Disks - multiple disks to overcome wifi disks losing connection


Dont know if anyone from BT reads these messages. I hope they do as trying to actually speak to anyone is difficult. The BT app for diagnosing problems etc doesnt work for my problem


Here is the issue.

HomeHub2 upstairs, front of house, right hand side as you look from the front

Conservatory downstairs at the back, left hand side as you look from the front.

Have Halo 2.

Several months ago got a WiFi disk. it paired by ethernet. solid blue light. placed it in conservatory. solid blue light, shows as connected in the hub itself and on BT app. Perfect.


Then, with no apparent change to my environment, the disk suddenly goes orange for an hour, then red. and loses all connection.

The Wifi to all other devices in the rest of the house seems fine, homehub2 working normally,

After several factory resets, pairing via internet, using BT app to site the disk, it now pairs via ethernet and then when put it in conservatory light starts off blue (devices connect, can see disk and devices connected to it on BT app and in the hub itself) then after a few minutes light goes orange. Few hours later, it goes red and disconnects.  

Speak to BT via online chat session, they send me a new replacement disk.  Does exactly the same thing.

So it might be a hub problem. Reset that, same problem with the disks. 

I understand from the marketing blurb you can request a further two disks.

The question I cant seem to find the answer to is do multiple disks connect in a "daisychain" or doe they connect "directly" to the hub.

In other words if I got a second disk and put it midway between the router and the conservatory, would the conservatory disk with its obviously weak signal connect to the midway disk and then onwards to the router (ie like some kind or repeater/amplifier) or does it still try to connect in its own right to the router.  (I suspect the latter).  

Its easier for me to put in a second disk than get another new router and reconfigure the dame thing (lots of port forwarding, firewall setups etc). I had hoped that you could save a homehub 2 configuration from one device and then reload it into a new router but it seems not)



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Re: Wifi Disks - multiple disks to overcome wifi disks losing connection

By itself, the orange light isn't a problem, it just means that the disc isn't in the optimum position but is still doing it's job, the red light of course is another matter.

Log onto the router from a browser (, click on the Advanced button and then the Wireless button and check that 'Wireless Mode' is set to 1

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