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Wifi / Network Speeds on FTTP 900

My new upgrade is through and I wanted to check a few things I wasn't sure of.

When I connect ethernet in to hub it indeed shows full speed.

I can get a respectable 400 down 100 up on Wifi which doesn't drop much as I move though house which is good.

Couple of questions.


I was thinking of purchasing ASUS RT AX85U Dual Band + wifi 6 gaming router in hope I can easily split 2.4 and 5 which smart hub 2 cannot manage.  

1. Would this increase my wifi speeds as well?

2. If anyone has this router will it allow me to change SSID to my current BT one so at least my 2.4 devices can simply switch over and I can create a new 5.


I have a few things connected via ethernet.  

On testing my ethernet speed on Netflix (through the Samsung tv app) it shows a very low speed- under 100.

On testing it within the browser of my Samsung tv - it also reads a low speed.

I assumed it was the Samsung tv but on testing an external device its also reading low.    

the cables are Cat6 that are connecting - different ports, different cables.  

So my question here is ... I am unsure why this is or how to fix.

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Re: Wifi / Network Speeds on FTTP 900

WiFi 6 routers will allow faster speeds providing your devices are also WiFi 6 compatible, and have sufficiently capable antennas.

You can change the SSID to anything.

If ethernet is maxing at 100Mbit then those devices don't have gigabit ethernet ports.

Later this year BT are introducing a WiFi 6 Smart Hub 3, useful if you have a digital landline and need to still plug your phone into the BT router. 

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Re: Wifi / Network Speeds on FTTP 900

Mabuk - I never thought of the ethernet port on receiving device. That is what it must be. TV is about 3-4 years old as is the other device.

On the TV I will turn that to WIFI as that will speed it up, thank you.

Does a router like the one looking at boost the range any?

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Re: Wifi / Network Speeds on FTTP 900

Just been checking.

My kodi DLNA server box is now on ethernet showing 504 down and 45 up. 

My TV however is not performing well. I have no idea what the port is on it Cant find anywhere where it tells me 😞 but the speed on it is awful - confirmed by Netflix and browser. 

To be sure I ran a speed test within Netflix on fire stick connected to tv (rather than the Netflix app within Samsung) and it came back at 248 v 57 on the tv app version .  an app within firestick came back at 320 down 123 up so it has to be the tv that's at fault.

What I can't understand is how my kodi box on wired is running at nearly 500 and not nearer 900.  that is the mystery unless there is a problem with what's coming out the ethernet ports?

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Re: Wifi / Network Speeds on FTTP 900

For any streaming service you're not even going to hit peaks of 50Mbit (4K), and typically 15Mbit for 1080p, so fortunately the Samsung TV shouldn't need to be capable of higher speeds to perform perfectly using its own apps.

Maybe connect a laptop or PC (with gigabit ports) via ethernet to check you're getting 900Mbit, and use the mybt phone app to check the speed coming into the hub.

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