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Wifi now seems a little slow.

I noticed on my iPad last night while I was watching a streaming service that some web pages was loading a few seconds slower than normal but thought noting about it.

Have since did a speed test on my iPad and wifi speed has dropped from 62mb/63mb to 50mb/51mb.

Speed test on my laptop using ethernet port to the Home Hub 6(smart Hub) say 61mb and its normally 63mb/64mb.

It says on My BT minimum guaranteed speed is 54mb, I have never had a wifi problem since I been using the Home Hub 6(smart hub) well over 2 years now.

I rarely use phoneline now to make calls so dont know if that the problem maybe that at a guess as not had a phone plugged in for a good few months now.

I know it may only be a minor problem as I still connected to BT FTTC but any ideas what could be wrong.

I have always has a few things connected via wifi in the house with no real problems.

My BT FTTC is up up for renewal come mid February next year.




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