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Wifi possible via a WAP connected to a slave socket?

I am visiting a family property that has three separate buildings - the house,  barn and the loft. The main phone wire runs into the barn so the master socket is here, but as this was not an ideal location for a router this was installed via a slave socket in the house. I guess the implications of this are slower speeds but the house still have adequate internet connectivity. It should also be noted that the router uses a microfilter.

I now need to install internet in the loft which has a phone line installed (another slave socket) but is on a different electrical circuit to the house and barn.

Its not possible to use a wifi extender because of the distance from the house & the loft & because the loft has thick stone walls.

Therefore could I create wifi connectivity in the loft if I attach a microfilter to the slave socket & then attach a Wireless Access Point to this microfilter? Or maybe its possible to use a second router and configure this as a wireless access point? I am just trying to understand what I might need in terms of equipment before I travel to this property. Any helps would be appreciated




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Re: Wifi possible via a WAP connected to a slave socket?

You can only connect 1 router to your phone line for broadband. You could connect another router to main router but needs to be by Ethernet cable

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Re: Wifi possible via a WAP connected to a slave socket?

Can't be done. You need to connect the WAP to the router via an Ethernet cable.



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