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Wifi related and several access points



I have wifi related question regarding several access points. 


I have 1 BT HH6 plugged in the main socket but it's in a cupboard in the middle of the house. The extension socket was giving too many errors, hence why it's there. HH6 is running as DHCP server.


I further have 4, BT HH5's running as access points. They all have the same SSID as the HH6 but split for 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Used the guide from here to convert them. The access points are in different rooms in the house to create accessible wifi, all connected via network cables coming into the cupboard in the middle of the house. I have them connected in a switch and 1 cables going in the back of the HH6. It's a new build and a large house. The walls have aluminium lined insulation and underfloor heating. Access points are running as,, &


All boxes are running split SSID frequencies. HH6 is running 5GHz channel 36. 3 Access points are running both 2.4, split on channels 1,6&11 and 5GHz split on channels 40,44&48 and 1 access only on 5GHz on channel 52. 


Am i doing the right thing in using different frequencies or should the same SSID be using same channel across all the access points. I.e 2.4GHz should be on channel 6 on all the access point and 5GHz should be on channel 36 on all the access points?


Also i have also been having internet issues as discussed in this threads. Internet issues



Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 23.15.26.png


Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 23.35.18.png

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Re: Wifi related and several access points

The access points want different frequencies if possible. There is overlap between channels so you'll want to think about the positions of the access points and the overlap:


Some devices will transition quickly between these networks (Apple are good at this for example), other devices will take a while to transition as devices move between network. There is no hand-off mechanism even though the SSID's are the same.

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Re: Wifi related and several access points

My personal preference would be to give each AP a different SSID, that way you will be able to tell immediately which one you are connected to and easily change manually, if required, for better signal.

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Re: Wifi related and several access points

I use three routers as access points and give them different SSIDs so I can tell which one a device is connected to.  I can then also "pin" a device to a specific access point (e.g. a Sonos box) so if a router is rebooted it doesn't hunt for a weaker access point.  I use some Asus routers which have a roaming feature so it will drop connections below -70dB - this helps force certain wireless clients to drop and reconnect to a different access point quicker.  Unfortunately this feature isn't available on the BT hubs.

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Re: Wifi related and several access points

It depends what you want to achieve with your home network.


If you like to push the wireless bandwidth to the limits and do a lot of multiple 4K streaming, having them all on different channels may be better.


If you want a better and more aligned experience in your house, you should set the SSIDs, security and channels to be exactly the same. Not all devices roam automatically between different SSIDs and you'd be better off with a "mesh" style solution like Whole Home Wi-Fi, but having them the same, on the same channel and same security seems to make a difference.

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