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Wireless connection and router issues

Hi all,


I have been having some problems recently with my BT infinity broadband and the homehub3. The homehub has worked without issue for the last 3 years and recently I have been having wireless connection issues across all devices, where it drops the connection regularly for a few minutes and then picks it up again.


I have spoken to BT 3 times and they say there is no issue with the connection going into the house and have suggested solutions which have not worked. I have tried restarting the router, changing the wireless channel, I haven't moved it or put new devices like cordless phones near it. I have tried plugging in via ethernet but the router doesnt recognize ethernet devices and I have tried different computers, cables, ports no recognition from the router so I am unable to check if its simply a wireless issue. I am wondering if the router is just broken and needs replacing and if so would an old router (Belkin F5D8636uk4A) work with the BT infinity, or do I need to buy another one? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Wireless connection and router issues

If you search this forum for Alternate router you will see that there are many suggestions as to what to use and how to do what you want, for instance:




As you are well out of warranty with your HH3 then if you want BT to replace it then I'm afraid it will cost you except you might be eligible for a new HH5 if you renew your contract - it has been done many times before, it's what I did.

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