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Xbox 360 won't connect to Smart Hub 2

Hello all,

Having an issue - I've recently switched from a Home Hub to a Smart Hub 2, and I can no longer get the Xbox 360 (note, NOT an Xbox One) to connect to the internet.

I've read a few of the many replies and fixes here, but unfortunately they all seem to presuppose more technical know-how than I possess!


Can anyone give me a basic step-by-step walkthrough on how I can fix this?

1. Has to be wireless - I can't physically get the hub and/or Xbox together.

2. I can access the Hub manager, which can see the Xbox, and I can access the Xbox's settings, which can see the home network.


P.S. Yes, I know the 360 is years old, but I'm happy with it!

P.P.S. If I reset the Xbox network settings to 'Factory default' it will successfully connect to the network for a day or two, but then will fail - obviously resetting every few days isn't a long-term solution!



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Re: Xbox 360 won't connect to Smart Hub 2

Hi There!

You can try a few things to fix this with the BT smart hub settings. First turn off smart mode on the hub.

Next go to wireless settings and turn wireless mode to mode 2 on the BT router and set 5hz to channel 48

If mode 2 doesn't work try mode 3. One of them should work 

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Re: Xbox 360 won't connect to Smart Hub 2

Firstly, many thanks for the reply.

" First turn off smart mode on the hub." - ok, can't see any option to do this?
Rest I can see, and will have a try when I next get a couple of days off, in case I screw anything up!
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