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Xbox Online Disconnect

 Hi All,


I am using a wired connection to the router and my Xbox but every so often i disconnect from the the online services but i am still connected to the internet. I do not think its a broadband issue more so a firewall issue / block.


I will be in an Xbox party and i cannot hear anyone but a few seconds later i can hear everyone again. But i do not drop from the internet it just says connecting.....


Same with playing GTA online i will be in a full session but everyone else leaves and im on my own still connected to online. My friends will still be in the full session together.


I have opened the IPs and Ports on the router, even put the device into DMZ to allow all access but i still get issues.


My thought is that there might be a limit on gaming ports or the firewall on the modem?


I have tried everything i can think of.


Any suggestions would be great.

J Diamond
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