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Xbox one s IPV6 problem

So I have the bt smart hub and I'm on FTTP I got 200mb download and 20mb upload. My Xbox one s is in my bedroom when connected via the IPV6 I get full download speed but I'll get kicked out of full gta lobbies and I'll get disconnected from live and then live will instantly connect again, I also get bad lag on battlefront 2. However I split the band's up and my Xbox seems to work better on the standard IPV4 but I get half the download speed. I can't hardwire my console as it's in my bedroom and I have tried powerline adapter but for some reason the latency is high and i only get 70mb download with that method. My wireless signal is very strong at 95% and my ping is 17. Does anyone else have this issue or anything similar it's driving me mad and it's annoying me. Any help would be really appreciated. I have also used all the port forwarded methods. 

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