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Years OF Worsening Disconnection (WIRED) Issues! Which Router Is Best???

After being given the run around for hours on end wasting my time and the support desk - often who don't know how to answer a question as they only know how to read from a script - I had an HONEST response when I said I was leaving...


BT Infinity is meant to be the best... There are lots of other providers but 'we' tend to go with the names we know and therefore trust.


Bigger business tend to use shoddy customer support who don't have the ability to communicate effecitvely.


After well over two years of losing connection to all wifi devices, being told it was my phone, my microwave, my problem basically ... the problem with constant Drop offs or Disconnections worsened as the problem is not JUST wifi but my WIRED connections too.


I invested in Devalo products and now have Four in my home.  Three are plugs that connect to a wired device and one is to extend the wifi (what a laugh that is!)


I've tried everything and looked everywhere and when the SALES people asked me to sign another Two Year Contract - I told him about my SUFFERING and he admitted that he knew precisely what the problem was - My Router!  So I said = and you think I'm going to put another two years trust in you when you admit you only had to change my blinking router all this time!


So - turns out afer further investigation I am FAR from alone and many customers suffer constant downtime but not all notice until they want to stream their TV.  People like me who use their computers all day for work DO notice and DO suffer.


My question is which is the right Router to actually buy - I don't especially need to extend the wifi as I've already paid out lots for the Devalo extensions so it's about finding the Router that will actually WORK.


Apparently Netgear is very good - BT even SELL this in their Shop.  So if I were to invest in another contract - WOULD that new hub actually be any good or shall I bypass all that **bleep** and just go and buy the right hub myself??


Netgear range in price from 40 - 175 so the prices are massively varied and I ONLY need a decent router/hub that actually does what it's meant to.


Would love to hear if anyone else actually has solved this and if you've done so with Devalo devices too.




(ever hopeful)

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Re: Years OF Worsening Disconnection (WIRED) Issues! Which Router Is Best???

have you checked ou tplink routers as these appear to work fine and may be cheaper than netgear

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Re: Intermittent disconnection nightmare

I've been a loyal BT customer for over 30 years and have the same disconnection issues you describe with BT infinity.


I've been given the runaround (that so many customers enjoy ...) by customer service and done everything they told me to and more.


I invested in Devalo extensions as they use the house wiring to extend the connection rather than relying on wifi.


However ... the WIRED connection drops off constantly and I hear from everyone I know that this is common.


The Sales guy trying to resell another two years contract admitted the fault lies in the hub and I would get a new one if I signed up.


I said - why would I trust you to ever tell the truth after over two years of problems.  


Further research found many other customers (not necessarily on this forum) have already opted to use a router NOT of BT's making because those are found lacking.  


Netgear is recommended and I'm currently trying to ascertain which one is the right /best one to go for.


Engineers over the years have poked about with wiring, changed my openreach box and told me to scramble under my desk for hours on end.... to no avail.


So I'm sort of praying that the router IS the only issue left and once resolved I'll have a constant connection.


Wishing you luck and thinking maybe you should consider this too.



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Re: Intermittent disconnection nightmare

Yes leahbs, I know what you mean. I guess with Infinity and FTTC you're stuck with the same copper last mile technology as me, with the added frustration of an expectation of a faster service! 


I now have no internal wiring at all, which isnt exactly convenient, but saves hassle when logging faults. Just the new MK2 socket with built in filters. I also have a powerline network - I'm using netgears, have 3 of them including the wireless AP version on the top floor, and a four port switch version I use in my office. The house is old with thick stone walls but was re-wired a few years ago, and they mostly work without issue. They are a little sensitive to which socket they are plugged in, which has been a pain since my master socket was shifted as the sockets near the new location dont seem to produce such a stable speed link as the old location.


I've got an old Netgear DG834G router which I dug out yesterday, I'm thinking I might try putting it on the line and seeing if it copes better with the drop outs than the HH3 or HH5 does. If nothing else I think routestats works itr, so I can use that for monitoring which might be interesting. I think there is also third party firmware which allows some scope for tweaks, but nothing which I'd expect will make a difference to my issue (with the possible exception of increasing my noise margin further, which I dont really want to do). 


Anyway I'm sure I have an external line fault, its just a matter of it presenting itself when an engineer is here to pinpoint it. Its proven elusive so far. It was really noisy this morning throughout a call I was on, but now it sounds relatively quiet again. Very frustrating.



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