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Your browser is managed by - should I be worried about this?

I cannot work out which is the right board to post this in, so could an administrator @SeanD please relocate it if necessary?

In Google Chrome when clicking on the three dots at the top right it now says: "Your browser is managed by" which I'm sure it never used to! It also says:
"Your administrator can change your browser setup remotely. Activity on this device may also be managed outside of Chrome."
I don't recall giving permission specifically for this? I have parental controls etc enabled to limit the sorts of websites that can be viewed - is this what is causing this, in which case it would be innocuous, as it is still really me in control, or is it an an external attack? If it isn't something harmless like parental controls, or antivirus, how do I get rid of this so that I have control of my own browser again? I can't find anything useful about this on Google that specifically references which leaves me feeling worried!

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