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confused about fibre setup and hub placement


We have broadband already via BT and now want superfast fibre fitted.  Have had first engineer out who told me that I need part of my garden digging up so that they can lay a cable.  They then asked me where I would like it to come into the house, and i now have to make that decision.

Sadly they were unable to answer a few questions for me, so wondered if you kind people could.

1) Does the point of entry need to be near where I want my new hub placed?  Currently the hub is upstairs, but I can bring it down if it needs to be near the entry point box

2) Assuming that the hub plugs into the new box at the point of entry and I have moved it accordingly, how does this work with my telephone service, also with BT ?  Does my master socket have to be nearby, or does a phone socket have to be nearby, or can it be anywhere in the house?

To be clear, currently I have BT hub, the hub is on the top floor.  My master socket is in the garage for some strange reason, but my answering machine and phone is plugged into a normal BT socket in the kitchen and works perfectly there.  I can move things around, and am assuming that I will have to but I do not want to get into a situation where the hard line comes into the house nowhere near a vital plug or phone socket and I have to run wires round the internals of my house.  Much better if I can arrange for it all to be in the same place...  

many thanks

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Re: confused about fibre setup and hub placement

Do you know if it is fibre to the premises or fibre to the cab you are expecting?
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