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default ipv6Allocation mode ipv6 preventing vpn connection

Is it possible that a recent firmware update could have changed the default allocation made for ipv6 to stateless? I have been having difficulty hi sis no see you soonreliably connecting to my work VPN and have eventually tracked it down to something related to IPV6 if I change the allocation mode to off the VPN will connect reliably Setting it back to stateless prevented connecting again  proving this is the problem initially had problems connecting about 2.5weeks ago which is why I wonder if a firmware update to my home hub could be responsible. I had a "tech expert" visit not today he was next to useless clearly had no idea what Ipv6 even is when I asked him to check the Home hub logs he looked Blankly at me and again truly had no idea what I meant I just wanted him to check there's nothing else amiss with the home hub hopefully I have solved the problem now and can rely on it like so many others who are working from home

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