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hiemvision hmd2 wifi security camera bt hub 6 help with setup!!

good afternoon i wonder if anyone can help me, i recently bought a heimvision hmd2 security camera for my house, ive tried to set it up ive split the wifi bands changed the mode to mode 2 it was working fine when i tested it out but when i got around to going to install it two the outside wall i gave it another test just to make sure it was working, and got nothing but poor connection then it worked then it lagged constantly goes from 100% wifi signal to loosing it its very temperamental and im starting to loose the will to live ive also had a bt engineer round and he told me my internet was fine and reset the fiber for me im just wondering could it be a port forwarding or is there some other setting on the bt hub i need to change.... any help would be appreciated.  

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