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how do i setup BT homehub 6 with ASUS rt-ac66u

hi folks

I've a BT homehub 6 works ok, but i want to add my old Asus rt-ac66u to the BT homehub with the Asus being a "VPN port switch" 

I want the BT homehub running as normal using say 3 of the LAN connections, and the ASUS connected to the BT Homehub and that would have 2 or 3 of the LANs used by devices that go though the VPN

I've read a few blogs, but still unsure how to do it 

can i run bt homehub as and Asus  ? or does Asus need to be on etc

i've other questions, has anyone done this sort of thing is there any writeups ?


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