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keep losing 5ghz connection on HH2- only affects 1 machine

First off, this is not a range/quality issue as we get good wifi on the top floor of our town house from the router by the front door.

All of my devices are fine bar my office machine- a mini pc with Windows 10 and intel wifi 6 (AX200 160MHz, driver ver: I'm vaguely aware the HH2 router is not supposed to be compatible with this(?), but after buying it last October, there were zero problems until around April (and that's with using 802.11ax rather than ac, though with current problems I've stuck to ac). Solid 866mbps before issues.

Since then it might work just fine for a week, or a day at worst, before performance suddenly becomes chronic and I have to kill the connection and retry. At this point it refuses to reconnect, or takes far longer than normal and then barely works.

Sometimes restarting the PC fixes it, but usually it's a router reboot. While this works, I am usually reallocated a new IP and then find I'm unable to access my whitelisted remote work computer (any way around this IP reallocation thing?)

The other solution is to switch to 2.4ghz which never fails, but that is not a long-term solution as it's slow and kills the PC being used as a media server. Also, the HH2 doesn't seem to offer split SSIDs, so to do this I have to change the adaptor settings which I really shouldn't have to do.

My current firmware is dated April. I've heard about some new firmware relating to mixing 5ghz and 2.ghz devices. Any idea if this would help and how to get it on demand?


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