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kodi remote app issues connecting

I switched over to my new smarthub two weeks ago and ever since I have had problems with my 2 rasperry pi devices. Both are running kodi 17.3 and are connected to the media on my NAS. I have no problem connecting the devices to my network and both are able to connect wirelessly and through a wired connection, however I am experiencing a lot of issues with the iOS kodi remote. When "adding hosts" it often cannot find them. Sometimes it does, and then it connects. Then sometimes that connection is dropped. I thought it was a hardware issue and investigated both raspberry pis and then the ethernet cables they use and tested a number of situations before I realised that the issue most likely lay with the smarthub itself.


I am not streaming any content online (but have followed the tutorial to disable smart setup anyway). I am only using it to play content (my ripped BluRay collection, as well as some music and audiobooks) on my TV. There is no issue playing this content. The only issue I have is using my iOS app to interface with kodi. It accesses this through port 8080 I believe - which when done through my PC presents no problems. Do I need to change some settings on my smarthub?

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