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lagging on xbox one when netflix is on

Okay so ive had this problem for months now and i wanted to see if anyone could help. whenever my brother plays on his ps4 there is o lag were both fine, however when he goes on netflix its game over for me i cant play a single game i get crazy lag spikes from 30-300+. however my internet isnt even bad i pay for 76 down 55 up and i get about 50-60 down on my xbox so thats more then fine. i am with BT and ive done everything ive had a engineer out and he put a new socket in and reset everything but i still have a issue. he recommended port forwarding so i did that on the games i play and i still lag the same only when netflix is on. i am wired to the router but i dont even know what else to try. i bought a tenda router on amazon for £30 and limited the ps4s download and i would still lag so if anyone has any ideas of what i can do then thanks.
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