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latency and download/ upload speed

hope everyone is well, over the past 4 months there has been problems occurring with our latency where it will skyrocket up to around 400 - 600ms from the standard 8- 20 and also our download/upload decrease slightly also. this is a major problem as this is happening around 10-15 times a day from 5 - 60 minutes at a time. we have had plenty of phone calls to bt and had 5 engineers around to try and fix our problem but nothing has worked. it makes gaming near impossible. there will be only 1 device on the network but the problem will persist. we even have gone to the extent of using a 20m long ethernet cable to plug into the back of the xbox but still no change in latency and or download speed. if anyone has been suffering from the same thing or knows a fix please let me know.  a picture has been left below.14400.jpg

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