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mesh systems to work with bt hubs ? help

Hi all

I have a 3 bt hubs

BT hub 4 with Openreach modem
Smart hub
Smart hub 2,

I stopped using the smart hub 2 as soon as i got it because you cannot separate the 2.4 and 5 ghz freq for our devices and had caused problems. a question is the smart hub 1 just the same as the smart hub 2 but with some slight differences in options and fibre to home compatible?

I have not used the Smart Hub 1 at all as i am sure there was a reason, lol so i am still using the Openreach modem and Hub 4 but does not delegate data to well-meaning if your gaming it will have problems if another is streaming video and the wifi is not the best..

so the question is what's the better one to use. as i would also like to buy a new mesh system

I am looking at a mesh system to pair with these devices and BT do the BT Premium AX3700 wi-fi 6 discs, but I read a lot of people having drop outs with them and connection problems so not to sure on that system.

I also read the Amazon eero mesh is not PPPoe compatible with BT modems and you need this to connect the mesh system to the Openreach modem? is this true , there are others like tp link as well, I read these need to be setup over the internet to access them which i find odd as why would you need to use the internet to set them up as there local devices or is it because they don't have web browser setup access like the bt routers as i am not to sure if the BT versions of the mesh do the same.

I am abit confused on what i need and what is best so would be great if other bt users can chip in

also, i have network ethernet ports in every room so i can connect each mesh device to the network using cables is that possible to get the best performance as i know the black discs from bt cannot even do that. not sure on the wi-fi 6 white versions of the bt discs

any help would be great


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