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"Encryption" fault stopped net access ?

So, I am sorry for the vague info on this but something is doing my head in. My uncle, who is not computer literate suddenly couldn't access the internet, BT Fibre, on his Windows 10 PC. So, because I couldn't log on to Team Viewer like I would normally do I had to ask him to do things, checking the usual things. His PC is connected via ethernet to his hub  and so I asked him to check network settings and there was NO red X and had a 1gb ethernet connection speed, so I knew it could see his hub okay, but it said "no internet" and had the usual globe icon in the tray. We tried the automatic fix option, that didn't work.  

So we ruled out the cable, and we reset the BT hub, this showed blue correctly. He was able to talk to me via the phone, and our call cut out when he reset the hub, so we knew it was getting a connection okay. So after going through everything, inc disabling his firewall briefly, I gave up and he had to call BT.

A BT engineer arrived at his house (he lives many many hours from me so I couldn't go) and all I know is the issue was due to "encryption", but that is all. Sadly my uncle doesn't remember much more except being shown the word encryption and being told it was due to that and that being a gaming PC might have been part of the reason, it was his other nephews old PC so was a gaming PC originally. 

None of this makes any sense to me, I like to think I am quite a techy guy with Windows but he was connected via ethernet, so where does "encryption" come in to it ? Unless it is something in the BT Hub settings which I wouldn't know about as I don't have that. Why would a PC working perfectly fine suddenly come up with an encryption issue that stops him being connected to the internet ? My uncle's machine is fully protected with expensive Norton 360 software, I don't think it was a virus and I am sure the BT engineer would have told him if it was due to a virus. 

A week before the issue I had logged on to update his printer driver via Team Viewer, he is now a bit cautious of letting me back on as he is worried it may have been my Team Viewer usage that caused the issue, but all I did was update the printer driver, I don't really think that was it, I am smart enough to know what to do and not to do. So sadly I can't go back on to see any sort of evidence of what the error was. He is kind and polite, so he is not saying I can't log on via Team Viewer, but I could tell he was uneasy about it. So I just have some questions....

1. ANY idea what would cause a PC to not get internet access because of "encryption" ? Bearing in mind he wouldn't have done anything to change anything, not intentionally anyway. Is this likely to do with the BT Hub settings ? As I have never seen those settings as I don't have BT broadband. 

2. Can BT send a written report to the customer to say what their engineer did ? If so what method to contact them to ask ? 

Thanks all !!


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Re: "Encryption" fault stopped net access ?

I would bet that the engineer probably carried out a factory reset of the BT Smarthub and spouted BS to your uncle in order to make it sound like he knew what he was doing.

The main thing is that your uncle's broadband is now working.

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