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"Unlimited Faster Broadband"

So I've been offered "Unlimited Faster Broadband" which in itself is a nice upgrade for me. But I'm wondering if "Unlimited Faster Broadband" areas will ever be offered full speed Infinity.


I'm aware that it has something to do with the length of the copper line from the cabinet to my house, so is full speed Infinity impossible for me?


Thank you.

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Re: "Unlimited Faster Broadband"

Hi xMcCarthee,


BT Retail's Unlimited Faster Broadband service is for those who are in a FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) area, and their PCP (Cab) has been installed and linked with a FTTC DSLAM cabinet, however are estimated 15mbps or below on FTTC as they are quite a bit away from their PCP and DSLAM.


Unfortunately yes, this would mean you won't be able to achieve anywhere near the current full FTTC capable speeds (ie upto 80mbps ds and upto 20mbps up) as your "copper" line between your property and your DSLAM cabinet is too long.


You can check what estimated FTTC speeds you maybe able to achieve on your line by going to


There is a thing called FTTPoD (Fibre to the Premises on Demand), where an end user wants to pay to install FTTP to their property , which is currently only available in certain areas and cabinets  however if you look at the prices it will cost you thousands to install and the monthly service fee is a lot too. Just to let you know if you do go down this route.


Not many ISPs currently offer FTTPoD but their are a few.


Here's Openreach's FTTPoD costs (bear in mind that ISPs/CPs may add addition costs on top)


The install costs for FTTPoD can be over £6,000 (excluding vat) and the monthly rental fee is £99 (ex vat) . ISPs/CPs may add additional charges and fees.


jac_95 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: "Unlimited Faster Broadband"

FTTPoD is an unrealistic product/service that most people can't afford and those who could wouldn't justify the cost of it anyway! Openreach know this, they really only have the FTTPoD service so they can say FTTP is available, albeit at a premium!

Openreach are starting to roll out FTTRN, that's fibre to the DP, aka the black box on top of the pole or footway box if it's fed underground.

At the moment though their only putting in area's that can't get FTTC/P and that they know they will make a quick return on.....

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