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I have a monthly usage of 10 G per month which I seem to exceed by a small amount.

I have no idea where it goes so have some questions which will I hope help me to manage my usage


How much do each of the following use?

run a Google or other search

look at pages on eBay

transact on Ebay

Read an email

send an email to ??? no of  people with or without an attachment, text or photos

send message on a dating website

read such a message

download a document  - how much perpage

load a screen with 50 photos on it

watch a short movie say 5-10 minutes

chat on an interactive website

watch someone's webcam

send my webcam

listen to music


BT must have some sort of chart/statistics/application rules. Please can you tell me what they are

Regards, Ian


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Re: usage

From the BT website



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Re: usage

There are so many variables that it's impossible to provide meaningful estimates. The general advice is that, while you would have to do a great deal of basic surfing (the first half of your list) to break the 10GB limit, downloading or streaming media (especially video) will soon bust it.


For example, 4 laptops and 4 smartphones in our house would generally use around 15MB. The recent addition of a couple of iPads for moderate video streaming has doubled that. Any gaming or downloading of films would put our 40GB limit in real danger.


If you're only just exceeding 10GB why not upgrade to 40, save the worry and get more freedom? Otherwise you can check your monthly usage to date at http://bt.com/broadbandusagemonitor and slow down as necessary.

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