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very old master socket problem

Hey all! This is slightly complicated so bare with me.

Next week my parents will be having a new broadband service activated with BT at their house. In our planning, we located what I was told was the master socket which is the old type that require a phone/broadband filter. However I have since learned that this is not where the wires enter the house but rather is an extension and the actual master socket is in the living room.

Thing is, it's a socket that is probably 30+ years old and and installed only for phone use so I assume would need updating before it was usable.

Is this something we can get BT to do, to update the master socket and remove the extension and is that what would be needed to make this workable? I understand the broadband might not be great via an extension (and to top that off, they'd need to plug the router in via another extension cable because of the lack of a power socket down there).

Thanks in advance for your time in reading this. 

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Re: very old master socket problem

Hi @zeroiowa 

I have a similar setup to what you have described and mine works well, although I know it's not ideal. Another problem could be how well the extension has been done.

You could have the changes you require done through BT, £85 is the fee I think. Alternatively, look for a local ex BT engineer, this would probably be quicker than going through BT.

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Re: very old master socket problem

Hi - I'm almost sure as part of the activation/installation, you can have the master socket re-located to a more suitable position for free. At the same time the OR engineer would probably update your old master socket to the newer face plate with a built in filter.  Your extension can still be used for the phone.

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