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0800 5875290 - BT Text Nuisance Calls 'Unstoppable', 'Change Your Number'

We are not BT Customers, but since getting our new handset yesterday we have received 30+ calls from BT Text. 90% are silent calls, 10% say we have received a text. (and tell us to visit for more information)


Unregistered using option 1 & option 5 but over an hour later, we are still receiving calls.


Spoke to BT about it who were VERY smug in saying there was nothing else they could do to help. First call was okay, nice guy, tried to put me through to the SMS helpdesk (which was no longer in operation).  He did hint at the fact that the only way to stop this may be to change our telephone number.


Second call, some dumb unsympathetic operator telling me to talk to Virgin (my provider, thank goodness, who'd want to be with you guys?) - and then his dumber than dumb unsympathetic supervisor "Rachel" who said that there was no way to remove our number from BT and that BT would just carry on calling us.  


Then I caved and spoke to Virgin who said, as we'd gone through the unregister process with BT, and it hadn't worked, the only way to stop this would be to change our telephone number as they have no control over BT calling us (which is what I tried to tell BT... if BT stopped originating these calls, we wouldn't have a problem),


GET THIS: It is my parents' number. They are both over 80 years old, and changing their telephone number simply isn't an option.  


I want BT to stop calling them.  They are registered with TPS & Silent Call Guard - they don't even know anyone who would send them a text message. The 80+ agegroup (in my experience) prefer email & Facebook to SMS.


Every time BT call us from now on, I will complain to the TPS and Ofcom on their behalf.  I am here looking after them and these calls are driving me crazy. It's psychological torture, emotionally draining, and I swear I'm gonna break down if the phone goes again.


I see this issue has been going on for years. 



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Re: 0800 5875290 - BT Text Nuisance Calls 'Unstoppable', 'Change Your Number'

Hi Missfriendly


Sorry to hear that your parents are still receiving these calls.


I should be able to get the details removed from the Sales Marketing Lists regardless of who they use for calls.


Can you send me an email using the contact us form in my profile you can click on the link in the section 'About Me'.


As your parents are not customers to complete the form just add the account number as ab12345667 to avoid it getting rejected, please include their full home address and current telephone number as we will need this information to have them taken off the list.






Community ModeratorStuartH
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Re: 0800 5875290 - BT Text Nuisance Calls 'Unstoppable', 'Change Your Number'

I complained about these calls to BT - they said the only way was not to answer, as once you did you would continue getting calls as the call are computer-generated.  


They said there was nothiong they could do for technical reasons.  


Then they offered a paiod service to reduce such calls!


My solution - use the landline only for Broadband - get caller display and ignore all calls that yopu don't recognise.  I now use my mobile exclusively and only giove my mobile nuimbert to people I know.


Any spam calls on the mobile you can mark up as "do not answer" - goty abput 20 on the list but very useful.


Moved from BT needless to say.

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Re: 0800 5875290 - BT Text Nuisance Calls 'Unstoppable', 'Change Your Number'

THats not right for you to have to do that. I have 2 services from BT to block/.stop sales calls and it works . I did have threaten some with legal action and exposure on the internet but things are quiet now. I always just lift the phone and listen if I dont know the number.I wouldnt put up with it. I know its illegal but they would hear a few"sweary words " from me if they keep up the sales patter.

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Re: 0800 5875290 - BT Text Nuisance Calls 'Unstoppable', 'Change Your Number'

If you contact Stuart as he as asked he will get this resolved for you

john46 | Help Site | BT Service Status
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Re: 0800 5875290 - BT Text Nuisance Calls 'Unstoppable', almost FOUR years later

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Almost 4 years on and we have started getting call sfrom this number, despite being registered with TPS.


Poor show on the part of BT and TPS


I would have expected more from a global brand in telecommunications like BT Smiley Mad

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Re: 0800 5875290 - BT Text Nuisance Calls 'Unstoppable', almost FOUR years later

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Nearly a 5 year old thread now.


Do you have BT Call Protect ?

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Re: 0800 5875290 - BT Text Nuisance Calls 'Unstoppable', almost FOUR years later

I let my ferret loose in MyBT and it found this.


For what it's worth, many years ago I opted out of all marketing during a cold call from BT. There were a couple of false starts and a feisty rant from me but we've been bother-free since, at least ten years. So a call to 0800 800 150 as advised in the link ought to do the trick, hopefully first time.


Your agreement with BT includes passive acceptance of marketing approaches from the company (see under the Phone tab in the link). Registration with the TPS won't override that.

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