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2 Land Lines need to split the account

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Good Morning all,


At our house we have 2 land lines with the account for both in my fathers name.

The first line is the main number for the house.

The second line is upstairs and used by me for broadband and a few voice calls.


Is it possible to do the following;

I believe ownership of a landline cannot be transferred so;

Can we cancel the second landline from my fathers account (him retaining the primary line and billing) and I open a new account in my name, at the same address (where I live) with the same number and have the billing for that line in my name?


The reason for this is I would like to have seperate billing for independence and also to make it easier for me to tailor the account/line to my needs.

I am also wanting to change Broadband supplier to BT which I would like to put into process at the same time as I believe BT handle the whole process including dealing with my old supplier (I am out of contract as I have been with them for over 15 years ! )


Thank you.

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Re: 2 Land Lines need to split the account

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As you said a name cannot be changed on the current account however you can simply place an order online in your name to take over that line on a new account. Just make sure you choose the correct line when placing an order.