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A Good Start To The Year

Well, here we go again. A new year and the same old nuisance calls. Just over one week in and this:



1. Sun 3 Jan 14:21 Unavailable
2. 20:08 International
3. Mon 4 Jan 13:56 Withheld
4. 15:46 International
5. Tue 5 Jan 09:50 Withheld
6. 11:30 International
7. 13:05 Withheld
8. 15:22 Withheld
9. Wed 6 Jan 14:47 International
10. 15:24 Withheld
11. Thu 7 Jan 11:09 Unavailable
12. 17:48 Withheld
13. Fri 8 Jan 14:11 International
14. Sun 10 Jan 14:55 International
15. 18:23 Withheld
16. Mon 11 Jan 20:46 Unavailable
17. Tues 12 Jan 10:21 International
18. Wed 13 Jan 09:07 International
19. 10:41 Withheld


Blocking these numbers - particularly Withheld numbers - isn't the answer, especially as we get older, because a lot of official establishments that may want/need to get in touch show a withheld or unavailable number. Council offices, Doctor's surgeries and Hospitals for example.


They tend to be pre-recorded announcements so the TPS isn't interested and the ICO is a waste of space because they only act if *specific* organisations are becoming a nuisance whereas the problem is the sheer number of these callers - even though they may all be from different companies.


I'm wondering if a change of number may help - or may it make it worse?  Do you think the sheer volume of calls I'm getting may qualify me for a number change free of charge?  I am willing to pay but not if the problem is not any better after the change.


Any advice on what my next step might be would be appreciated.




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Distinguished Sage
Distinguished Sage
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Re: A Good Start To The Year

as there are no 'new' numbers you will get a recycled number - may be an improvement but could easily have been used by a local takeaway

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Re: A Good Start To The Year

Hi, I'm sorry to hear you're suffering with nuisance calls, we were suffering daily with 'nonsense callers' also, so I put in an answering machine, and this has solved all the problems we had. Anyone really needing to contact you leaves a message that you can listen to and act upon at your leisure, and the 'dodgy' callers just ring off! I hope you get a resolution soon!

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