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Additional BT Blocked Numbers?

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I have been using BT Call Protect for some months now with around 80 manually blocked numbers.

I increasingly find in the "Recent Calls" section recent calls which are not marked as "Blocked" but which I did not actually receive. For example my last received call was on Thursday, but for Friday I have three listings with one marked as (my) Blocked number, although no calls were received on Friday. Thus it seems that BT Call Protect is blocking numbers additional to those 80 I have listed. So there are two possibilities:

1. These additional numbers have been determined by BT as "equivalent" to my listed 80 numbers.

2. BT has applied a national database with additional blocked numbers, such as the two attempted on Friday.

Does anyone know what is actually happening?


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Re: Additional BT Blocked Numbers?

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@RoyMS That would be the BT Blacklist working.  Check out the call protect help pages for more info. 

BT Blacklist - We've identified a list of nuisance callers who we'll send to your junk voicemail, significantly cutting unwanted calls. We’ll turn it on automatically when you get BT Call Protect.

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Re: Additional BT Blocked Numbers? - Indications

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I now have a second part to this question as I have now reached my 100 calls limit.

When reviewing my list of (recently ) recieved calls I can only confirm that the most recent call on the list actually called through (assuming no messages left). Thus I cannot tell directly whether a previous call has been BT Blacklisted - or can I? Thus by adding no message left numbers to my Personal Blacklist I will occasionally be duplicating the BT Blacklist unknowningly.

So it would be useful if another symbol e.g. were placed beside BT Blacklisted numbers (or alternatively that such numbers do not appear at all in my recent calls list).

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