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And so the Scam calls continue

Just a friendly warning about what appears to be ever increasing volumes of scam calls, so far I've had three scam calls this morning and its only 10:35.

The first and second callers both introduced themselves as being from OpenReach, the third claimed to be from BT,each time they stated that there was a problem with my computer, this was when my wife put the phone down on them.

I answered the third call and was feeling, shall we say, playful. Again the caller stated that BT had noticed a problem with my computer i replied "Pardon?", the statement was then repeated, I just went silent. Following a short pause the caller then asked the question "you do have a computer?" to which I replied "No". That's when she hung up.

I'm not sure she was intelligent enough to realise that she should have asked the question before making the statement.

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