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The issues I have had with bt have been numerous and the Blackmail issue is just another issue I have encountered with BT.

NO PHONE LINE FOR 1 MONTH..........My Telephone could not dial a number, although it could contact BT which was a puzzle to me. They said they will send an engineer to my flat. They stated I may have to pay £130 repair charge, if the fault was in my flat. I said, Do not bothere as there cannot be a fault in my flat as my Telephone can contact you..So for 2 weeks they insisted on having an engineer call around to my flat. The engineer called and said there was no point in him being here as he can call BT from my phone. Very Clever, I told him that I have been saying that for the last 2 weeks.

They said the fault was at the exchange. They called me to say the phone was working, well! no! it was not. They say they forgot to ask me if it was working. So they paid me compensation but only gave me the money back that they took in the first place for a months Broadband and the phone. I would not call that compensation.

I had problems with my eyes and I was 60% blind and of course my phone was a required need. I was told by BT that I shoud have a mobile like anyone else. I thought that comment was a disgrace.


With the Blackmail and the above issue or should I say issues I have found BT a firm that does what it likes and says what it likes..



As stated in the BT Blackmail case they sent an email saying that they will take 12 months line rental from my Bank account on the 23/7/14. I called them and asked who agreed to this as I did not...Oh! they said,they will not do that. They said, I had a choice. I said, yes! let me have the choice before you decide for me.



I moved to another flat. I wa stokd there was no line and then there was in my new flat. No enginner required al wil be working fine, Well no!. It was not. The engineer called and it took him 4 minutes to repair.

On the day I moved in I read a letter fom BT..It said quote...Welcome you have a new 18 month contract..Really! I was not told this when I told BT I was moving..I know that there is a new contract if the line is dead in the new flat and so on, but I was not given a choice before I moved. Is there a choice? Well! yes! If Bt had told me that I would be in a new contract if my line was not working then I would look at it like this...I have 5 months to go with BT on the old contract..As I hate BT I would say to them, I will pay for the 5 months remaining on my contract and then I will go to a new provider.

So what Happened?..I contacted a person called Daniel who works on Billing.............He said quote..You have 2 choices keep the old contract and pay £130 installation charge or have the new 18 month contract..I raised my voice with him as I stated the choice should have been given before I moved and BT should not have made the choice for me. He said Listen..tough..You have 2 choices what is it..I stated again that it is my choice before I move and bt should not make the choices for me.

So the next day I spoke to a BT manager who was just as rude...He said, what was my problem your going to get an 18 month contract whether you like it or not becaus ethat is the rules..but I argued again that if I was told before I moved the choice, then I would have seeked another provider.

It is my true opinion that Bt act such a crafty way so as to get you on new BT contracts. They send emails stating something you did not agree to and then they say quote..Do not worry if we here nothing from you..then that is their green light to charge you for what ever they stated in a email...



I contacted BT to get rid of my old Bt email address..I was put through to their tech department.

She said in an Indian accent..I can do this but I must take over you computer first..I let her..I can do it..No! I cannot do it.2 hours past. She said in 7 days time it will be deletetd..I said, I bet it is not.

9 days past and it was not deleted..I spoke to a tech man this time from India..He took over my computer and said he can do this..but did not. After stating he could and could not about 20 times..He finally gave up. I was on the phone 3 hours with him..and there was a break in the phone connection giving him the freedom to roam my computer on share mode. A whole 9 days wasted.



I told BT that I will be using a new emaill address for my account..After 1 hour all wass working..Today I discovered my BT Internet TV does not work.



You are aware I told BT not to take 12 months line rental out of my account as stated above....I am getting a feeling they took the 12 months line rental out of my account because of the quick difference in my bank balance..



I forgot to state my first problem with BT was that I had to change my password 20 times..


Can you understand why I hate BT. I Do not recommend them at all..


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Hi Peterpan1234,


Its clear from your post that BT have let you down and I am very sorry for that.  Our offer of help still stands.


Please drop us an email so that we can address the points you have outlined above.  Click on my username (SeanD) and you will find the 'Mods contact link' under the 'About me' section of my profile.




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You may have a number of issues like I do with BT or you may encounter issues in the future with BT which would be of no supprise to me.I have no doubt you will get very frustrated with BT with your issues as trying to get answers from BT is like getting blood out of a stone. You may end up going to Arbitration at you peril.

My telephone line was not working for a whole month. It could have been sorted out in a week but BT got so many things wrong. For instance, My ine was not working but I could contact BT on it, but no other number. They said they will get an engineer around to look at my phone and line. I told them it was not the phone as it was new. They said I would be charged £130 if the fault was at my address.I said, Dont bother sending an engineer as there cannot be a fault here as I can contact BT on it, so the line must be working and the fault must be at the exchange. They insisted an engineer called. When he did he said, Your right I should not be here a she could call bt on my phone.Cutting a long story short they wanted an engineer to call again. It wa sgettinga joke.It was an exchange fault in the end.

The compensation offer is a joke. For the month I received about £24 compensation. I did not accept this as they are only giving me back what I would have paid but I was not compensated for the stress and time taken up and the loss of work whilst the problem was on going.

I went to arbitration as I was not happy with BT,s offer. iI accepted BT,s offer in the end as I heard nothing from arbitration for 3 months. Its a joke.

I am now sending out leaflets warning people of BT. This is because I have hade so many issues with BT. I also do not like their attitude. I have been shouted at on the phone by them. I have felt Backmailed.They have made decisions for me without my knowledge. They send out emails with these decisions I knew nothing about and then state that if I do not respond then I agreed to it. I am sure in the future Ofcom will state a phone company is acting illegally and someone wil be fined.


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