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BT Broadband Talk Nightmare ! can anyone help ?

Right, where do we begin...? BT you have really done it this time. I’ll start from the beginning.


We live in a rural area where Broadband is slow but we understand this and have lived with it for some time. Recently our exchange got upgraded to fibre and we received a letter saying we can now benefit from this. So I call the number on the bottom of the letter and get through to a very helpful person.


It turns out we still cannot get fibre, even though we received a letter saying we could, no matter we will wait! So whilst on the phone the chap said we can benefit from huge savings and went through all the items we could save on, it was a big saving so I was happy to start a new contract to receive these savings.


Anyway next day I log on to my computer and notice my BT Broadband Softphone software did not connect, I assumed the password was incorrect or my Broadband was down. Tried it again a few minutes later after checking my mail and still nothing. I tried to log into my BT Broadband Phone account through the website still to no avail. I then tried to call my number connected to Broadband Talk and noting, it says number not recognised. That’s when alarm bells started ringing.


I immediately phoned BT to get help (Tech Support Line) Got through to somebody who was very polite but had literally no idea what was going on and what problems I was having. They said it must be a line fault, and explained it was not my Landline that is the issue it is my BT Broadband Talk phone!!! Still after 5 attempts of trying to explain this to her we had no joy, so she transferred me to the broadband department and waited for half an hour and no body answered. I gave up.


So I decided to phone the same number I phoned yesterday on the bottom of the letter and got through pretty quickly, obviously because this must be the sales team they would answer quicker than tech support. So I spoke with again a very helpful person but they have said I need to wait 5 working days for them to "ATTEMPT" to recover my phone number and get my account back in order. Extremely unhappy does not even cover it, this is going to affect my work as I use this phone a lot. When I say Attempt, they have told me they may or may not be able to retrieve the phone number. So brilliant! All I did was phone up regarding Fibre optics and if I was eligible to receive it and it completely screws up my Phone connection. What a lode of **bleep**! We were not made aware when taking out this new contract that it would affect our Broadband Talk Line in any shape for form, if some one had said this will close down your Broadband talk line I would have not taken up the new contract, moved the number somwhere else and then started the new contract.


I would appreciate if anybody can share some ideas on what I could do next or even if BT are looking at this, can someone please tell me if I have done everything I can at the moment. As a matter of urgency.



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Re: BT Broadband Talk Nightmare ! can anyone help ?

Its not possible to recover a Broadband Talk number once its been ceased, as the option to add it to your account is not available.

Any changes to your broadband account, automatically ceases Broadband Talk. That includes renewing an existing rolling contract, or upgrading your broadband to Infinity.


I am afraid there is nothing BT can do about this, as its been tried many times before. You are not given any warning, but you may receive an e-mail telling you the BBT has been ceased.


If you have any of the BT Hub phones, then they will still work on your landline number, but the BT Softphone is no longer any use.



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Re: BT Broadband Talk Nightmare ! can anyone help ?

I don’t understand why someone could have not told me about this! I am taking this matter up further because it is not right. They have disconnected my phone, they could see I use it, and I even made them aware I still use it when on the phone to them, someone should have told me! How am I supposed to know??? If a line is going to be disconnected someone should make the effort to tell the customer that it is being disconnected. Not happy at all! I understand the phones would no longer work with a new hub but was very happy to either redirect the number or use my BT Softphone software.


Thank you for your reply but I am going to be taking this further. It’s outrageous.



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Re: BT Broadband Talk Nightmare ! can anyone help ?

The service was discontinued a few years ago now, and was well publicised.


You are not going to be able to progress this with BT, as other people have found.



BT SmartTalk is intended as a substitute, which allows you to make calls from a mobile, which are chargeable to your home phone number.


All you can do it to contact family and friends, and ask them to use your main landline number or mobile instead.


If you have any hub phones, and still have your old home hub, you can connect then together as shown in the diagram on this page, and use them on your landline number.

Using your BT Hub Phones with your Home Hub 3 - ADSL version




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