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BT Call Minder broken on Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) line - moderator help please?

Please can a moderator get in touch with me to help me escalate a problem that ordinary avenues in BT (0800 587 4787 and 150) are not fixing?

The final straw was to get missed calls from BT on my mobile and no messages left, then login to fault tracker which asks me if its fixed so I click on NO and get told to call 150...and then going back online this morning to check status again when I finally have the time to call 150 I find that the system says "You have told us that your fault was fixed" which I absolutely HAVE NOT DONE.

From talking to what I think was an openreach engineer last Saturday it all looks fine in their system and when he resets it it still says it is fine but as he called on my mobile even he could hear the "you have no service on this line message".  He said someone eould be in touch, but it seems the BT system auto-cancelled my fault as fixed after 2 working days!

It appears that whatever reference numbers the Call minder stystem is using to connect with my voice line phone number inside the Fibre to the Premises system is pointing to the wrong place...but I can make/recieve calls and my fibre broadband is working so its just the link from voice over fibre to Call Minder voicemail that's got wrong details in it (I hope).

I have all the details of my BT account, phone number and my VOL reference for the incorrectly closed fault to pass on when someone is free to help.

Many Thanks


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