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BT Call Protect Issue

My phone received a call today 2018-09-05 @ ~14:20 which came up as “Unavailable” (CLIP) and “International” (CNIP) on my CLI enabled handset.

Using 1471 it had not recorded the called number

Using 1572 1 it did not have the caller number so it could not block it.

Using Manage Call Protect in MyBT it showed the number in received calls as as 0278 241 9637.

My settings are correct and valid in Call Protect: Withheld and Unrecognised set to STOP.
International set to allow.

I reported this issue once before and was told it had been fixed.

I thought setting Unrecognised call categories to STOP, should have meant no calls would come to my line with an "Unavailable" CLI. 

Am I correct or have I misunderstood the Call Protect functionality?

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