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BT Charged me for call that have not been made



I have contacted BT several times about this and i have a feeling they are doing absolutley nothing about it.

End of March i have noticed that i will be charger around 90£ for an international call (my wife Polish mobile number -  call duration almost 2h)

I was suprised since we don't use landline that much...I have checked the date and the time of the call and we know exactly what happened.

She left her phone at work and we were looking for it, the bill should show several short calls since we reached voicemail few times, not 1 long call. Nobody picked up the phone anyways. Knowing that BT will probably not belive me i contacted the mobile provider and aked to issue detailed breakdown for the month.

at the moment i have

- a detailed breakdown from the mobile provider proving that 2h long call did not happened (showing several short voicemails)

- several texts from the provider on my mobile (You have a new voicemail) showing that there was more than 1 long call

- screenshot with CONFIRMATION FROM BT EMPLOYEE that he have seen the document issued by PLAY (mobile provider) PROVING that there was no 2h long call.

I have contacted BT 4 times about it, they havent even bother to give me an email address so i can send  the documents (i pasted it into the chat window), the only answer from them is "well our system is showing that somebody made the call". Is it so hard to understand that this might be a error on Your side? I've been told that somebody will call me, gave them time and date...and nobody called...twice...


What should i do?




after 4 unpleasent coversations with BT i still


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Re: BT Charged me for call that have not been made

@MartinED Please use the 'click here to contact the mods' link in my forum profile to send in your details and we'll be happy to get this looked into. You can find the link by clicking on my username.



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