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BT Contract auto renewal.

I am on the BT Anytime Unlimited Plan, and just called them to be them I was on a contract until Jan.


I had NO knowlage of this contract and was definatly NOT sent any warning.


I was put through to the SERVICE DEP. and was spoken to very discourtiously and spoken over many times. (I kept my cool)


The manager I eventully spoke to would not give an inch, apparently making sure the renewall notice gets to me is not BTs obligation, only that they post out the letter, and it was probabally the Post offices fault.


How can any company assume people want a contract to start afresh? After talking over 30 mins I finally said that we should not be wasting each others time, and I would call BT back to discuss the matter further.


I called back, and although I would still be tied to the contract for the remaining 7 months, I would get a discount.


That is all I wanted in the first place, to stop me switching to o2.


The discount was a little more than I wanted and is only on the remaining 7 months, so I can renew my contract in January.  I would have been happy to renew for another 12 months at the discount at the monthly rate they gave me.


NOT now. Apart from the lovley lady who I spoke to last, I was spitting feathers, Was shaking with anger and the way I feel I was spoken to.


I now have the date pasted right in front of me, and stored as a reminder, as I will most definatly be moving away from BT come Jan. (Unless they offer me a really good deal) Not going to cut my nose off to spite my face.


In my oppinion BTs service has really gone dome hill. I'm really unhappy with then, and how parts of the call centre works.


Please every one check your contract dates carefully, I NEVER recived notification of being tied into a new contract.



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Re: BT Contract auto renewal.

Hi mike,

You say you were in a contract untill jan?I'm assuming it's a 12 month auto renewing?also did you sign up online or over the phone as the terms would have or in your case should have been made clear not just at the point of signing up but also a second time via post which most people ignore,if it renewed in Jan and you called in for example within 30 days to dispute then fair enough but how have you just noticed now?Because of cases not just like yours but across the board BT now clearly print/state on every bill if you are on a renewing contract this should be printed on you bill below your calling plan so ultimately it is falls to the customer to read his/her bill,bear in mind aswell you agree with the contract by using service,what resolution did you want a discount?as how would you feel if BT said 'ok we will refund you the cost of UAP back to Jan and cancel the service but bye the way you have made x and x amount of calls which would have otherwise been chargable' that could be a hefty cost it's not poor customer service it's common sense.
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Re: BT Contract auto renewal.

I was getting a £1 a month discount on the Anytime Unlimited discount so NO calls would have been chargable, as they were in the package, I would have been on anyway.


I never received the reminder they sent out and DO NOT have bills via regular mail, but email.


I took a look at the bill and yes it does show that I am on a renewing contract, but there is no mention as to when the contract started or is renewable.


Also it was the way I was treated (Once I was transfered to the service department) which mad it even worse.


The whole reason I phoned was to ask for a discount to stay with them as I was going to switch to O2 home phone if not as they would have been £60 cheaper a year for me.


I now have a record of when the contract I am on ends, as there are no dates on my latest bil.


How can any company assume I received the letter where a contract is involved? At least include the reminder in my online bill in advance, With a click to renew option.


Just like many companies, more of the details should be in larger print, and not take at least two clicks to open. Even then there was no dates as to start and finish dates of contract.



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Re: BT Contract auto renewal.

Hi Mike


This sounds so familiar


I too was on the UAP with a £1.00 discount per month (making it £4.99 pm).

I too NEVER recieved any renewal letter.

I too called to check when my contract was due to renew. It had and I didn't know this.

I queried this and polietly mentioned that surely this was a breach of contract as no notification was sent.

BT AGREED that they couldn't see if a renewal letter was sent Smiley Surprised and said that I could continue with the service at the discounted rate BUT I would not be held to contract (a note was placed on my file). This I presume meant I could leave at anytime.


I have since renewed and got a one off £36.00 discount and the UAP (may be called something else now?) discount of £1.00 per month.

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Re: BT Contract auto renewal.

Thanks for the reply.


I too got the £36 discount as a credit to my next bill.


Will be calling to cancel in Jan. The way I feel I was spoken to by the service section wass appaling (Not a UK Call Center, by the way)


I have a mobile and broadband with O2 and the costomer service has always been great, even when calling with problems.


All I ask for is to be treated with a little respect. OH!! and to be CLEARLY made aware if I am going to be trapped in another 12 Months of contract.

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Re: BT Contract auto renewal.

As I can see that a few on this thread has moved to o2 and maybe thinking about it... I myself has moved to o2 Home phone as I have o2 Broadband myself indeed. 


There are a lot of reasons why I am moving away from BT. Although BT are charging me £77.90 for contract termination even though they still haven't bothered giving me back my £50.00 deposit. This is ridiculus.


Bye bye BT... Hello o2!

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Re: BT Contract auto renewal.


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Re: BT Contract auto renewal.

I am currently trying to get out of my auto renewing landline contract ( I think it is actually for the free evening and weekend calls that they tag on for "free"). I did know that it was auto renewing, and rang up to ask how long to go as I knew it was around that time and had seen a good offer from sky, I was horrified to learn it had only just been renewed so had another 12 months to go. Like I said,  I knew it was around this time of year for it to be renewed, but I definitely never received a letter telling me a month before. I told this to the helpful (ish) lady on the phone, and firstly she offered me a reduction to £10.90 a month  to continue. As I told her It was not the line rental that was an issue (though that has just gone up??) it was to get a better broadband deal , to get the best deals you have to give them the line rental too. She again seemed quite helpful and said she would put me through to customer services to see if a letter had been sent, and if not, would let me cancel without penalty. I was even considering at this point taking her up on the offer to stick with BT, with the £3 saving on line rental the move to sky was not saving me all that much. But decided to keep my options open and let her put me through to "customer services", I knew it wasn't going to be so smooth from now on once I heard the  Asian accent and the line quality had dropped. Though the 1st lady said she would leave notes on my account to assist whoever took over, I was told that I had to ring back in a couple of hours as the system was down. Gobsmacked that the 1st person was not aware of this, I reluctantly hung up. But now I have been thinking and the blood is starting to boil and I have to say that it is downright disgusting that a company with the supposedly stature of BT, would result to such practises, something a back alley outfit would do in tying you into a ongoing contract, when there is actually no benefit to be gained by the customer for doing so (I have a unlimited use mobile so no need of the free calls, and most other providers provide this service anyway). They can come back with what they want, they may admit that a letter never got sent (again why should a company as BT need to resort to putting the onus on customers to cancel something rather than working to keep them) but I will never use BT again (I know technically even with sky BT are providing the line), and I intend to give them as little of my money as possible, ever again. I have another 1hr before I can call back, but how I feel at the min I feel like just cancelling my DD and let them sue me and prove I am in the wrong, but they have me over a barrel as I am sure they will just cut the line and leave me without broadband (even if I do move to sky)...


I will update this post (I created an account just to vent some steam) when I am thinking more clearly and hopefully have things resolved.


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