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Registered: ‎01-04-2011
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BT Freestyle 750 Answerphone - will not record inward calls

Hi there,


My answerphone has worked happily for years, but strangely it stopped recording incoming calls ( saying it was full when there were no messages received to listen to ), I tried a system reset using the default PIN No '0000' and all was ok and it started recording calls again. BUT, the default 'No of rings' is set to 6. When I extended this to be 8 rings ( max available ) via the menu I found that the answerphone consistently failed - unable to record incoming calls !... This appears to be a possible software fault with my BT Freestyle Answerphone. Hence, if you have trouble recording incoming calls - check the 'No-of-Rings' before the phone answers is set to 6 or less !!!  cheers sir-mart