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BT Freestyle 750 stuck "Searching", remedies are "Not Possible"

We moved house recently. These phones worked find at the old house, and they've been carefully packed and unpacked. Both handsets are currently flashing "Searching". On the base unit, the Power and Charging lights are permanently on. (I wonder if the constant red Charging light is an error?)


The units are two or three years old now, so they're out of warranty (as far as I know).


I've tried several things to get the units talking to each other and working again.


  1. I've tried registering the handsets with the base by holding down "Find" on the base unit and then going through the "Register" process. It cannot find the base. I think the base is supposed to beep when it is in the Registration mode, but this does not happen.
  2. I've tried resetting the PIN, but it says "Not Possible".
  3. I've tried restoring factory defaults, but it says "Not Possible".
  4. I've tried turning the base unit off for some time and then turning it back on again.
  5. I've tried replacing the rechargeable batteries in the handsets with brand new ones.


Does anybody have any ideas?


Many thanks,

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