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BT Master Socket BB Speed problem

I now have my Broadband and Phone with Sky and until December 2012 the BB was working OK. Not brilliant but never have had any better than 2MB. Anyway as of January my speed dropped back to 1.5MB or less. Then it was less than 1MB. After speaking to Sky they said that the speed had been reduced due to the erorrs detected. They then checked the lone from their end and said it should be able to support 4MB, so they increased the speed. This seemed to work briefly, but after a while it kept dropping out. After speaking to them again the said that there was probably a probem with the wiring and asked me to use the test socket to exclude the internal extensions. It was at that point I realised that I do not have a NTE5 socket. 

So the issue is my Master socket (which is labelled with the BT logo) does not allow me to exclude my internal wiring. Also, having checked the inside of the socket it is marked as LJ2/2A on the circuit board (although there is a sticker on it labelled LJ3/3A) either way this is not a master socket, but a secondary socket.

Also the wiring is confusing. The incoming BT cable (I think) seems to be the normal colours but coneection is a bit confusing.

Here are the connections on the socket:

1 - no connection

2 - blue/white

3 - orange/white

4 - no connection

5 - white/blue

6 - no connection


The other wire which I assume goes to to internal extensions has 10 wires of which only 2 are connected as follows:

BT - white/green - wired to extension white

BT - green/white - wired to extension blue


So my question is (at last) is there any way I can get an NTE5 master socket fitted so that I can use the test socket to finaly verify where the issue is with my poor broadband, and also to make sure I have a valid Master Socket. I hear scary stories about BT charging £100 - £120 for one of these call outs and the threat of legal action if anyone else touches the Master socket let alone replace it.


Here are a couple of photos of the current wiring to see if anyone can see if this is correct before getting a BT engineer out.


Wiring 1


Wiring 2

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Re: BT Master Socket BB Speed problem

this forum is for customers of BT retail and ISP just like sky and you need to go to the sky forum and see if you can get help.  anything to do with the phoneline is done by openreach who work for all ISPs equally


the picture is an extension socket so there should be a master socket somewhere else in your home probably where the wires from outside enter.  you need to find it


I would remobe the bellwire on terminal 3

bellwire removal


sorry can't help anymore

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Re: BT Master Socket BB Speed problem

Sky user forum is on this link

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Re: BT Master Socket BB Speed problem

Looking at the 1st picture it shows the incoming underground cable using the Blue/White pair, this is crimped through to an internal type cable on the Green/Green white which I would suspect goes off to either a line box (with test socket) or a master socket.

I suggest you look around your premises and trace cables as the picture of the socket is not either type.

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Re: BT Master Socket BB Speed problem

I would agree with what Deven-Dave is saying, the back cable coming from the flush mounted box is an armoured 5 pair cable. I'm guessing your house was built in the 70's or early 80's?


Anyway, pair 1 (blue/white) is crimped onto pair 3 (green/white) of either an internal 6 or 8 wire. As the LJU in the pic has pairs 1 and 2 connected to it I would imagine that pair 3 goes off to an NTE or Master LJU somewhere else in the house and then then is back wired to the LJU in the pic.


Where the LJU in the pic is, is where the original NTE would have been put when the house was built but has obviously been moved at some point in the past.

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