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BT Nightmare

I decided to move my telephone line and broadband from Sky to BT and thought I was making a good decision.  Two weeks into the change over I am now regretting it.  I was told that it will be a smooth transition and I will not even notice. Might have a small break in service.  It has been a pretty rough ride so far... Broadband got activated on 26th as per the email. Phone line was supposed to have been transfered across on the same day.  I am now almost 10 days into the move and am still waiting for a working phone line.  Can make Calls but cannot receive calls. I have lost count of how many chat's/ phone calls (from my mobile and work) I have made to BT customer service.  Have had to take half a day for an engineer's visit who came, checked few things in the house, went to the exchange and then an hour later phoned me to say that the line has not been transferred correctly from Sky and that he is passing the fault back.  No one has from BT bothered to ring me to let me know what is going on.  I had a text two days back to say that the fault has been cleared only to find that it has not been. Again time wasting on chat, ringing and speaking to customer services , explaining everything again.

Now I have been told again that the fault will be sorted by Thursday or Friday. It is something to do with the way the number has been tranferred.  This is the same info I get but no progress on the fault. This has caused me and my family a huge inconvinience and I don't think BT give a monkey about all the hassle. I don't think they have any clue on what or where the fault is.  Wish I has stayed with Sky. Never had any issue until I made this bad decision of moving to BT....

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Re: BT Nightmare

Unfortunately this happens many times with Sky they seem reluctant to release lines back to other providers
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